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Athithiya matric higher secondary school is one of the best school in kanyakumari district. This school is under the Athithiya Educational Society All the faculty of Athithiya matric higher secondary school are well experienced. Every month our school have a talent program for the benificial of students. Education is Nation Building activity. A school is not a building where a few children are confined in closed classrooms and bits of information are transferred to their brains. A school is an organic system of transforming young children into responsible citizens. The objective of the transformation is to build a strong, vibrant Nation. For a Nation to be strong and vibrant, its citizens should be physically strong, intellectually sound, morally upright, spiritually awakened and must have faith in the Nation's values and culture. Athithiya Educational Society strives to mould the character of every child under its care and to develop their whole personality in a harmonious and positive way, which alone will bring about a qualitative change in their lives. In short, Athithiya School of Education strives to educate students not just for a living, but for life itself.


Special Features

The school stands for excellence in academic and cocurricular activities of the students.It is a community of students and teachers who live in a family atmosphere, loving and respecting eachother. It has professionally competent and morally upright teachers, who are committed to their lofty vocation of forming the futureIt provides enrichment programmes to the highachievers, special coaching to the promising students, remedial coaching to the weak students and counselling facilities to all the students.The school does not allow outside tuition for thestudents as it deprives them of their learning time and their creative learning ability and confines them to spoon feeding.There are various programmes in the school to help the students develop their creative and aesthetic talents along with their academic growth. All relationships in the school are characterized by love, justice, truth, partnership and mutual respect.


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Our School

athithiya matric higher secondry school , delivers a holistic learning approach to learning that includes a highly diverse range of teaching practices such as: problem based learning, case studies, performance tasks, service learning and apprenticeship programmes. Students here acquire a solid educational foundation based in a deep understanding of spoken and written English through reading and evaluating a whole host of different materials.



The nucleus of our learner-focussed approach is to enable students to draw explicit connections between their teachings in school and how to apply this education outside of school along their chosen career path. The multi-dimensional learning domain at EGS aims to develop each discipline in a cumulative manner to produce well-rounded thinkers. This grounding affords our students the ability to expand their conceptual bases for future learning Learn more...